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Since my friend Jochen stopped with DJing I was looking for a DJ who meets my house music taste. After some time I found this really funky and soulful house podcasts:

It is mixed by Simon Jobling aka One Phat DJ and can be download by the link above or through iTunes. For chilling, relaxing and dacing in summer this is definitly one of my first choices. Hope it works for you too.

4 Kommentare zu „house mixes“

  1. LM sagt:

    What the heck do I need to do to be able to listen to this guy?

    I don’t want iTunes. I don’t want to subscribe any news.

    Damn, I want a f%&$ing MP3 or somethin‘

  2. LM sagt:

    I also have to notice, that there is NO F%$&ING nav-bar at the right hand side, after I posted a comment.

    There is nothing I can do, except post more comments.

    I am doomed!!

  3. admin sagt:

    no sidebar??? WORKAROUND: just click the header image…

    Downloads without any kind of register or iTunes:
    just scroll down at
    and open your eyes 😉

  4. Si Jobling sagt:

    You can always just visit the site and download the MP3s directly. By doing so, you will actually get an „enhanced“ option which doesn’t have the One Phat DJ soundbites over the mixes.

    Thanks for sharing the podcast anyway Christian. Glad to see there are some listeners from Germany.


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