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Just a few places I have been / things I have done:

Te Puia, Rotorua

In the middle of the North Island. Te Puia is New Zealands premier Maori Culture and Geothermal visitor experience. Price: 50 NZD for 2-4 hours fun

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Waimangu, 20 minutes from Rotorua

The Thermal and Volcanic Valley gives a good experience that the earth is still on fire!
Price 67,50 NZD for at least 3 hours. The walking and hiking was good – would not recommend the boat tour (it is cheaper without it).


Queenstown is really good for action sports and adrenaline freaks.
You can find different ski areas, mountainbike and hiking trails, jet boat trips, the famous first bungy spot of the world and a lot more. As I have been there during the winter it could have been a good idea to do some boarding but I haven’t had enough time and no warm clothes with me. I mean you could rent nearly everything but I do not realy like borowed clothes. Stayed there for 2.5 days was to long to just sit around and to short to have a ride with the board. Did Bungy at Aj Hackett and visited the Milford Sounds by plain. Both great trips. I would not recommend Arrow Town at all.

  • Milford Sounds: By bus it is like an 10 hour drive there and back. So we decided to go there by plane. The pilot (Nathan) has lived some time in Germany, so he explained us everything during the flight in German. The flight was absolutely cool. Nathan showed us the mountains between Queenstown and the Milford Sounds. Really awesome. Defently must do when the weather is nice. The boat trip through the Milford Sound was not half as good as the flight. Price: 350 NZD including Boat Trip (Winter Special), 4-5 hours.

  • AJ Hackett Bungy: Must be booked some days in front because they are booked out most of the time (even in the winter). Price: 165 NZD, 45 NZD for DVD Video, 35 NZD for Pictures and Postcards set

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy 1 The Kawarau Bridge Bungy 2


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