10.30 Update from the Oktoberfest still solver

27. September 2008

Live from the Oktoberfest / Munich

27. September 2008

This Weekend @ Christophs in Oldenburg

19. September 2008

This weekend I am visiting Christoph with Andy

Watching TV

13. September 2008

This is the first post from my mobile device. In future I will try to post more interesting pictures of the moment 😉

Hell Pizza

20. Juli 2008

The second post about food in 2 weeks brings me to Hell Pizza – It is a Franchise so far only available in New Zealand and in London. But they are planing to open some Take Aways in Germany as well. It is my favorite here so far – sooo yummy. With Pizza called Mordor, Creed or Cursed, „Demon“ Pasta and Hell Dogs you can be sure to have a Hellish Meal. You can even build a coffin from the pizza box to keep you left over pieces. If you like to sell you soul you can win 1 year free pizza for it…

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy

18. Juli 2008

My jump @ „The Kawarau Bridge Bungy“ – The Original Bungy Spot

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy 1 The Kawarau Bridge Bungy 2


7. Juli 2008

As I love SUSHI it was my duty to eat it in Hong Kong. It seems like they have real different taste:

special sushi 1

Special Sushi 2

… in Hong Kong

5. Juli 2008
Hong Kong Airport _where:
HANCOCK _watch:
Clueso – So sehr dabei
_listen to:
Die Leber wächst mit _read
it is time for a shower _feel:
Diesel – for successful living _comment of the day:

On my way to New Zealand I had a 8 hours break in Hong Kong 😉

View from the Peak

It is all about sound and speed!

3. Juni 2008

2 weeks ago I had the chance to drive the fantastic audi r8 for a long weekend from thursday to monday. It is such a cool car. I never drove something like this before. It is also the most expensive car I drove so far (just the gas for the weekend was 450 € 😉 ).

More pictures are available at audi.de. I took me 4 hours to make a mixtape (or should I say mixed 2GB SD Card) that joined me during the 1400 km I drove. But after the first 5 minuntes I realized that you dont really need one – the car sounds just perfect.
The middle Engine kicks so fast to the top speed of 301 km/h that it is really hard to realize …

_where: driving audi r8
_watch: Indiana Jones
_listen to: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Live at Slane Castle
_read: n / a
_feel: very very fast
_comment of the day: n / a

Sunny Greetings

9. Mai 2008
Koblenz Office _where:
IronMan _watch:
Fantastische Vier – Fornika für Alle (Live DVD + CD)
_listen to:
PowerConnect 6248 Manual _read
sunny and funny _feel:
How green is your IT? (Ours is 50 MegaWatt / per Month 😉 ) _comment of the day: