Spaceship „Buran“ right in front of my flat

10. April 2008

Yesterday the Russian Spaceship „Buran“ passed Koblenz right in front of my flat. The spaceship was on his way to the Technik Museum Speyer. The Name „Buran“ means Snowstorm. The weather yesterday was nearly the same (more rain then snow). The whole thing was not really that spectacular but nice to watch 😉

Here are some pictures:

right about now… (…the funk soul brothers ;-) )

6. April 2008
_where: right in front of my plasma tv
_watch: Next
_listen to: One Phat Dj – Mar 08 Crescendo
_read: Watchmen – Ultimate Edition
_feel: bad cold – I sound a little like darth vader
_comment of the day: „gemeinsam einsam“


1. April 2008
Koblenz _where:
Die Welle _watch:
Christina Aguilera – Live and Down Under _listen to:
Focus (KW 14) _read
tired + sore muscles _feel:
April, April _comment of the day:

Drop the thought…

23. März 2008

… will contain brief details about my current state. I hope I will be able to update it more often then the rest.

_where: raffles hotel @ dubai
_watch: all blurry – cause I lost one contact lense
_listen to: Moloko – 11000 Clicks (live)
_feel: totally relaxed but a little sunburned

Fantastische Vier „Krieger“ Kunst

19. März 2008

Inspiriert von dem guten alten Fanta4 /ThomasD Titel „Krieger“ hab ich in einer kreativen Stunde das nachfolgende Set entworfen:

 Part1_Fanta4_Wandbild Part2_Fanta4_Wandbild Part3_Fanta4_Wandbild

Das ganze hab ich dann auf 3 gerahmte Leinwände 80 * 60 drucken lassen. Hier das (zumindest aus meiner Sicht HERVORAGENDE) Ergebnis:

Wandbildset Fanta4

Was will mir diese Pflanze sagen???

16. März 2008

Eigentlich sagt das Bild schon mehr als tausend Worte:

Pflanze deinen name

Es könnte natürlich auch ein göttliches Zeichen sein, da ich meinen Blog schon seit Monaten vernachlässigt habe… und das ohne guten Grund! Am Anfang sucht man sich natürlich immer gerne die „ich hab ja zuviel auf der Arbeit zu tun“ Ausrede, die dann irgendwann zur „jetzt macht es auch keinen Sinn mehr“Ausrede übergeht. Hiermit gelobe ich natürlich Besserung für die Zukunft auch wenn das die Pflanze, die eines natürlichen Todes gestorben ist (es war weder zu wenig noch zu viel Wasser / Licht vorhanden), nicht wieder zum Leben erweckt.

The Hot/Crazy Scale – Never Cross the Vicky Mendoza Diagonal!

28. November 2007

How I met your Mother is my favorite TV Show since a few months. In one of the last Episodes Barney explains a new and easy way to measure a woman on the HOT / Crazy Scale.


Watch it – you will love it:

Little online helpers

28. November 2007

trash-mail.deEverybody knows the problem. You need to login to get the information you need. 10 seconds later the website asks for your email address and about 10 minutes later your email account is flooded with Spam. Why do not use a disposable email address? Nothing as easy as that. Trash-mail is one of my favorite providers. Even better is! The guys over there offer 3 different types of disposable addresses:

  • @spambob.COM: Make up as many addresses as you want on the fly, and then come to this web page when you want to check for messages. All messages are stripped of attachments and viruses. Anyone can read messages sent to addresses, so don’t use addresses for private messages.
  • @spambob.NET: Activate forwarding in advance for as many addresses as you want, and messages will secretly be forwarded to your real email address. If you start receiving spam at a address, simply deactivate forwarding for that address at any time. Only you will be able to read your messages.
  • @spambob.ORG: Make up as many addresses as you want on the fly, and all messages received will automatically and immediately be deleted by us. Messages cannot be checked and are not forwarded to you. Use addresses in situations where you only have to provide a properly formatted email

If you do not want to be bothered at all with registrations you may have a chance to find a login already created by someone else. You might wanna try Just use the search engine to look up the website you need to login.

foxmarks.comIf you love Firefox and you are working with more then one computer and*or you travel a lot you will love! It is available as Add-On for Firefox and will sync your bookmarks from computer to computer secured by login and https if you wish. Without your own computer you still have access to the bookmarks by visiting the

Add more online helpers as comment if you like!

It has been quiet a while…

7. November 2007

But in between I was on a trip through the Western USA. It took quite a while to plan the whole trip and so I had no time for new posts. You can see a bit of what I have done and where I have been if you follow this link.

After the trip I was pretty busy at work and also using (playing) with my new favorite toy I bought in the US:


Since today the iPhone is also available in Germany and so far I am pretty happy that I have bought mine one month ago. Due the support of some nice tools available at hackint0sh and other sites I am able to use my phone simlock free and with a lot of nice 3rd Party Tools.

New House Mixes by Si Jobling

26. August 2007

Simon aka. One Phat DJ released some new mixes in the last few weeks:

I made some *.cue files, so I can jump faster to my favorite tracks and have all tracks named properly.
If you also like to split those mixes you can use the *.cue files with MP3DirectCut. It is very easy to handle.

Download the *.cue files by right click – save as: